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DSERP–Machinery Movement

The Deconstruction, Sequencing, Evaluation

and Reconstruction of Industrial Plants


Value Added by management of fixed assets and variable costs: VALUE STREAM


Potter vs. Brokerage: the LEAN Business Model


Industrial support for all of North America



Over 50 US industrial patents in industrial processing of plastic, metal, gas, glass, paper and rubber

Engineer, develop and manufacturer industrial processing systems and related intellectual assets


Industrial Solutions

Mechanical & Electrical Technicians

Training on specific machines

Logistics, Rigging and Facility support

Fabrication and Machining Support

Utilizing the Potter global resources

Service Systems

Emergency Service and Scheduled service

Utilizing the Potter Emergency Planning System

Potter has Mexico domicile Facilities & Tools




Potter is designed for:

Superior Quality

§5 year history supporting UBE

§Superior Price

§Value Stream Management

§Superior Speed

§Proven Emergency Response to UBE

§Superior Flexibility

§Accommodate Changes from the Customer



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