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Continuity Systems


Business Continuity is the activity performed by an organization to ensure that critical business functions will be available to customers, suppliers, regulators, and other entities that must have access to those functions.

Target hardening is a term chiefly used by those working in security, referring to the strengthening of the security of critical assets in order to reduce or minimizing the risk of attack or theft.   

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Potter Continuity Systems provides services in assessing Business Continuity plans.

-In today's global business environment, security must be the top priority in managing critical assets. For most organizations, security is mandated by law, and conformance to those mandates is investigated regularly in the form of audits. Failure to pass security audits can have financial and management changing impacts upon an organization. PCS offers complete business and facility assessment, design services and audit services.  PCS offers services that minimize disruption risk and mitigation planning in the event of a disruption.

Potter Continuity Systems provides Target Hardening Services that prevent, protect and mitigate asset risk

 -Opportunity reduction generally encompasses the notions of accessibility and surveillability. Primary prevention can be done in any context or location, whether a residence, workplace, school, neighborhood, community, or society.  Primary prevention involves altering the environment in such a way that the root causes, or at least the facilitators, of crime are eliminated by design.  PCS offers comprehensive services of turnkey target hardening design and construction, analysis of structural retrofits, and assessment of human vulnerability.

Business Continuity Services:
Consulting – Design & Disruption
Site Assessments
Auditing – Current System Failures
Engineering and Design
System Integration Planning
Emergency Planning
Develop of Exercises/Drills
Process Evaluation
Personnel Safety/Security Coaching